Changing Trends of Instagram 2021

Changing Trends of Instagram 2021

Instagram is getting interesting with every passing year. In 2021, Instagram will be focusing more on raw, authentic and creative content.

Thus, many content creators over the world come up with unique and engaging content every day.

Instagram has become a massive marketing tool in recent years, with almost half of the people using Instagram following at least one business page. With so many competitors on the app, you must keep up with all the changing instagram trends and implement an effective marketing strategy if you want to be at the winning end. Here is a list of the Instagram trends 2021 that will help you win the race.

Instagram Stories: The game changer

The very backbone of influencer marketing are the Instagram stories. This instagram trend was launched four years ago, and it changed the whole game for influencers. It became tremendously popular in no time and has won the hearts of Instagrammers. Instagram stories have gained the fandom of being one of the most widely used features for influence marketing.

Reportedly, 63% of influencers have posted content on Instagram stories more frequently in 2021, making it one of the hottest tools. 

Instagram Checkout and Instagram Shops

One of the most recently added features on Instagram is Instagram Shops. What is an Instagram shop? Instagram shops give users a whole new purchasing experience by enabling people to visit shops from the content posted on stories and feeds of business profiles.

Once you visit a store, you can browse through the products all you want. That’s not all. With the incredible Instagram Checkout feature, you can shop all you want without leaving the app from shops. Additionally, it saves your account and payment details within the app to make shopping quicker and easier.

Instagram Reels: The most trending tool of 2021

Initially launched to replace TikTok’s small videos, Instagram reels have gained more popularity than expected. This feature allows creators to make small and creative 15 or 30 seconds videos. Creators have shed light on topics that need to be discussed more freely on social media, posted more relatable content, and have tempted buyers all over the world in the last eight months of 2021. So, influencers are capturing a lot of attention through reels.

Instagram Guides

When Instagram Guides was first launched in 2020, it was accessible only to a select group of users. Currently, it is available to everyone. This feature allows users to consume more relevant and functional information, tips, and guides around various topics. Creating an Instagram guide is also super easy. Here is a convenient step-by-step guide on how to create Instagram guides for maximum benefits.

Instagram’s Explore Page

Most users spend a lot of time on the explore tab on Instagram to get relevant content. Instagram is continuously putting efforts in the hope of making the app more user-friendly by designing, redesigning, and adding shortcuts. All these collectively make Instagram more absorbing and engaging. Users can choose their topics of interest and consume recommendations specifically on topics that interest them.  That is why most creators on Instagram are now making content such that it lands on the explore page.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram Chats have been merged

The merging of the Instagram and Facebook instant messaging apps has given users a whole new perspective. Replying to messages and communication has become a lot easier and convenient since the conversations have been merged so that users can view and reply to both chats simultaneously. The more comfortable it makes our lives, the more engagement it gains.

Accept Instagram challenges or challenge friends and family

Challenges on Instagram dates back to a few years, but they have certainly taken a different curve during the pandemic. With almost every other user sitting at home with not much to do, challenging and accepting challenges has become one of the most trending Instagram highlights in 2021. Challenges spread faster than a wildfire and gain popularity in an unimaginably short period. So, it has been reported to be one of the most engaging tools. Each one leads to another. Therefore, it is an excellent way to link and mix various content.

Instagram Ads on Igtv

Instagram has come up with the idea of an instagram advertisement campaign where users can increase the number of viewers on their account by paying a short amount of money for the service.

Other than this, Instagram’s announcement of displaying ads on IGTV has induced and made this feature more engrossing for both influencers and brands. With the use of instagram ads, brands can gain recognition and visibility and even influencers can look to monetize their content with the help of this outstanding feature.

Experts suggested that IGTV will be more trending in the next few months with the launch of this advanced feature. There it is. The eight most current Instagram trends 2021 that every user must know for the optimum benefits in 2021. It does not matter whether you are just an avid user of the app or are earning money through it, knowing about these few tools arms you with the necessary information to always keep you ahead of the curve.

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